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Steampunk Art


Dear friend. You are on the site of true fans of the steampunk style. Here we talk about the steampunk art of, history and style, and accessories. We collect information from different sources together so that you can find out what steampunk is, choose a style of clothing for yourself: corsets, suits, shoes, hats, goggles or sunglasses, a steampunk watch as a gift, and much more. For true fans of the art of steampunk, irreplaceable devices or interior items are offered.


          Typical elements of “Steampunk aesthetic” :
      • a large number of metal decorations (required) (gears, keys, eyelets, screw-nuts, etc.)
      • an abundance of parts of different mechanisms (clockwork, chains, bolts, etc.)
      • presence of airships, balloons
      • drawings of intricate machines, drawings of frames and steam engines
      • metal lamps and wings
      • the presence of genuine leather
      • dark colors (you can accent from red)


Steampunk Art
Steampunk Skull Gear Brain Head Figurine Statue Skeleton


Steampunk as a style can be divided into separate subtypes, each with its own main theme.


Types of “Steampunk” style:
Clockworkpunk The main theme is clockwork.
Teslapunk The main theme is electricity.
Timepunk The main theme is time and time travel.
Sailpunk Main theme: aeronautics.
Fantasy steampunk Main theme: any of the above in the fantasy world.
Spacesailpunk Main theme: space.
Shabby steampunk. Main topic: any of the above.


The “Steampunk” style can be called, perhaps, the most difficult in scrapbooking.

And before creating in this style, it is worth catching the general mood of the “steampunk” style.