Steampunk Pocket Watches Review

Steampunk Art


Steampunk art is rapidly getting popularity among young people and the older generation. This beautiful amazing fashion is like no other. Stunning costumes, accessories, history and atmosphere. If you already have several steampunk outfits, then you can use a pocket steampunk watch to emphasize your style, stand out from the crowd or just make yourself happy.


Choose a watch for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Our watches are available in different styles and color palettes. Absolutely for each costume, there are different types of them. The models are suitable for every day use or parties. Check the time with our high-quality beautiful pocket watch. Do not waste your money and time by looking for chip units. Below we present some great watches from our collection.

Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain by Rapport – Classic Oxford Open Face Pocket Watch with Sub-Seconds


Brand: Rapport

Watch Movement: Swiss Automatic

Dial Color: White

Band Color: Silver

Case Diameter: 52 Millimeters


Elegant classic nice watch made in Switzerland. If your old watch has stopped working, then look at the advantages of this watch. Vintage look, the set has a chain and a gift box. The bright white dial is made with Roman numerals.


The Jewel Miyota mechanism is installed. You can buy a watch for yourself, but they are also perfect for a gift. For example, for gifts such as a wedding, birthday, father day, and others. The case size is 52 mm.



Stuhrling Orignal Mens Pocket Watch Automatic Watch Skeleton Watches for Men -Gold Pocket Watch – Mechanical Watch with Belt Clip and Stainless Steel Chain -Dual Time AM/PM Subdial


Watch Movement: Japanese Automatic

Display Type: Analog

Case Diameter: 48 Millimeters

Case Thickness: 13.00

This stunning analog bronze skeleton watch will not leave you indifferent. The engraved skeleton dial is made in the best traditions. You will be able to see all the work of the mechanism inside. Automatic winding eliminates the need for batteries.


The dual dial allows you to set up 2 time zones at once. You can use the watch as a desktop or take it with you. Such a beautifully designed watch is not worth hiding in your jacket. All watches of this brand are under a 2-year warranty. 100% build quality from the manufacturer.



VIGOROSO Men’s Vintage Full Copper Hand-Wind Mechanical Second&24hours Sub-dials Pocket Watch in Box



Band Material Type: Pure Copper

Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: White

Band Color: Copper

This bronze pocket watch is perfect for a gift or your use. The bronze color creates that one retro atmosphere that many people miss. A beautiful chain will perfectly match the suit and will complement it from all sides.


The manual winding of the watch movement. High-quality assembly ensures precise control of the watch. Please, rewind them every 36 hours. We should get your attention to the following design features: Roman dial, bronze-colored case, 5 hands, 2 extra dials. The chain is made of pure copper. Sends in a black gift box.


Charles-Hubert, Paris 3869-S Classic Collection Antiqued Finish Open Face Mechanical Pocket Watch



Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: White

Band Color: Black, Silver

Case Material: Brass

A wonderful steampunk pocket watch. Simple, minimalistic design on the front and back. You can fully see the movement of the watch, because of its skeleton construction. The eye-catching silver finish goes with any of your suits.


The glass is made of a mineral crystal, it is very durable and is not subject to external damage. The set comes with a silver chain that perfectly complements the elegance of this classic watch. The case diameter is 47 millimeters. The watch is equipped with a reliable 17-Jewel movement with manual winding.



Mondaine EVO Pocket Watch


Brand: Mondaine

Dial Material: Mineral

Band Width: 1 Millimeter

Case Diameter: 43 Millimeters

Case Thickness: 13 Millimeters

This imported Swiss pocket watch is well made of high-quality material. The watch case is carefully polished, made of stainless steel. The upper part is made of mineral glass, it looks great and perfectly protects the dial from dust and damage.


This watch is made in the best traditions of railway clock. The set includes a snake chain and a red leather case. This set is perfect as a gift for any man. A simple, minimalistic design will appeal to many connoisseurs of pocket watches. This model is under a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Carrie Hughes Steampunk Vintage Gold Tone Octagon Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain Christmas Gifts CHPW02


Brand: Carrie Hughes

Band Material Type: Copper Alloy Stainless steel

Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: Black

Band Color: Metallic


A stunning hand-wind pocket watch with a double dial. Just look at this unique design: high-quality finish, skeleton design, double dial. You don’t have to open the watch to check out the time. On the backside you can see a high-quality internal mechanism.


The watch comes complete with a chain and a blue gift box with instructions. The watch is perfect for everyday use, for parties, for connoisseurs of retro style and collectors. This is the best and most beautiful gift for any holiday.



TREEWETO Mechanical Pocket Watch Dream Dragon Skeleton Half Hunter Double Open Silver/Bronze/Black Case



Band Material Type: Metal

Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: Black

Band Color: Bronze


Do you like watches in a dark brutal design with beautiful engravings? Then this time keeping pocket steampunk watch might be right for you. Double case, skeleton design, Roman dial. The watch is equipped with fluorescent hands that help you to see the time even where there is not enough light.


The model is suitable for placing it on a table or you can take them with you. The set has a high-quality elegant chain and a very beautiful box. You can even put a photo inside the watch. The outer side of the watch is equipped with a beautiful engraving, which makes it look even more expensive. Wind up your watch every 24 hours, you won’t need any batteries.



ManChDa Mechanical Roman Numerals Dial Skeleton Pocket Watches with Box and Chains for Mens Women


Brand: ManChDa

Band Material Type: Metal

Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: Black

Band Color: Black


This watch has an incredibly beautiful design and engraving. By special order, you can even order a custom engraving according to your desire. 100% quality, the reliable watch movement, elegant case and long stunning chain. You can hold some pictures inside it. The front part is made of acrylic for your safety. The set includes a wide 7 mm cowboy chain. The battery is not used in this watch.


You can wind them up by twisting the top button on the spin every 24 hours. Keep away from magnets because of it watch loses about two minutes. A beautiful design and packaging make this watch a very elegant and valuable gift for any occasion.



Charles-Hubert, Paris 3972-W Premium Collection Analog Display Mechanical Hand Wind Pocket Watch



Band Material Type: Stainless Steel

Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Dial Color: White

Band Color: Silver

This watch has an additional dial on the back cover. You can see the entire clockwork and watch it work. Double dial, 100% quality finish and movement. They work without batteries on the manual watch winding.


If you were looking for a beautiful, minimalistic silver pocket watch, then you have already found it. The set includes a chain and a gift box. The double dial allows you to check the time without opening the top cover. Your friends will be surprised because the watch is just beautiful.



Mudder Vintage Roman Numerals Scale Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain


Brand: Mudder

Watch Movement: Quartz

Dial Color: Black

Band Color: Metallic

Display Type: Analog

Classic nice looking pocket watch with beautiful engraving on the front and with exquisite patterns on the back. Vintage fashion design will not leave anyone indifferent and the watch keeps time well. The dial is made with a black background and white Roman numerals. The arrows are nicely visible. It is not a cheaply made model. Many people have already bought this watch.


The watch is very convenient and easy to wind up, and it also comes with a beautiful gift box, so it is suitable as a gift to your friend or family. That is why the watch looks great. Carry the watch simply in your pocket or on a chain in second hand, it always improves your style and appearance. The watch is available in bronze and silver color, you can choose the right set for your clothes.



We have shown you some of the most popular pocket watch models. You can choose them according to different criteria because the choice is very large. We have pocket watches in different colors, with different designs. The numerals are not hard to read. You can find units even with a unique engraving. You can put a photo inside the watch. All watches are made in high quality and are under a guarantee.


Let your style be even more beautiful, and the costume will not look boring. You will get what you pay. A beautiful watch is suitable for any man and women. The gift box makes this watch a great gift for any occasion. You can also choose Steam Punk Watches Review.