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Steampunk Art


Do you have a nice steampunk outfit but still you haven’t chosen stylish steampunk goggles for yourself? Here you will find a huge selection of high-quality steampunk art goggles at an affordable price. There are male and female models, there are unisex models. You can choose by the brand of the manufacturer, by the material, by the color or by the shape that is perfect for your face. There is a solution for every taste and color.


Goggles are an essential accessory, so its choice should be taken responsibly. Do not waste your time and money on cheaply made low-quality glasses that are made of old material and do not protect your eyes from dust. Our high-quality wide range of products is sure to please you.


TUANTUAN 3 PCS Vintage Victorian Steampunk Goggles Glasses Retro Sunglasses Cyber Goggles Punk Gothic Glasses for Halloween Cosplay Costumes


Material: Plastic,Glass

Color: 3 Pcs



These steam goggles are made of high-quality plastic and glass. Brass color, red copper, and black. These are stunning vintage-era glasses with cool style. You can wear glasses, you can place them on your hat or around your neck. They will always look like a great expensive item. Your old steampunk goggles fell apart some days ago? Find a new pair of them! The strap is adjustable, so the glasses fit any head size. Going to a steampunk cosplay? Be the center of attention with these steam punk goggles! This is a real prop that is used even in the movies.


UMBRELLALABORATORY Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Compass Design, Colored Lenses & Ocular Loupe


These super cute ocular loupe glasses are handmade and made in the USA. Double magnifying glass, vintage design, all this perfectly complements your steampunk costume for cosplay, rave, or even a conference costume. Beautiful assembly and detail, blue-colored magnifying lenses, super-shiny design with a bronze finish. The accessory can be a decorative item or you can wear them on your head for beauty. The material used is plastic and PVC. The head strap is adjustable, so you can make a precise and comfortable adjustment. Surprise everyone at the party!


Lelinta Kaleidoscope Goggles Steampunk Rave Rainbow Crystal Glass Lens Glasses


Unique kaleidoscope glasses will allow you to fantasize and create a mood of fun. The elastic band is conveniently adjustable for your comfort. These stylish steampunk glasses are equipped with an iridescent lens that changes with all the colors of the rainbow. This model is suitable for both men and women. Very stylish and unusual design. Any disco and steampunk party can not go right without such a stylish suit, as you have. You can perfectly combine steampunk accessories to achieve the highest style effect. A real rainbow for your eyes and friends. Let your eyes shine with our glasses!


Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles…


Another model, that we highly recommend for you, is kaleidoscope plastic steampunk glasses for parties and walks with friends. The lenses of the glasses are made of glass. The plastic frame is covered with a chrome finish. The kaleidoscope effect glasses are made of very great quality and have a beautiful appearance and design with good quality. They will perfectly match your outfit. Adjust the strap to wear the glasses on the head, on the hat, on the neck, on the belt. Let it be the brightest and most beautiful accessory in your costume attribute. Attract attention and get tons of compliments. With these steampunk glasses, you definitely deserve it.


MUXSAM 1PC Motorcycle Goggles Steampunk Vintage Earhart Goggles Pilot Outdoor Sand Goggles for Half Helmet Cruiser Scooter Goggle Bike Racer Cruiser Touring Eyewear



Color: Smoke

Style: Vintage

Frame Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Lens Material: Plastic


These lightweight retro steampunk glasses are an excellent reproduction of safety glasses for the first car drivers and motorcyclists. The design is made so that the glasses do not put too much pressure on your face. The nose piece is also made neatly and will not create discomfort. Well made steampunk glasses are great for any steampunk costume. Of course, these steampunk motorcycle goggles are not suitable as top hat glasses, but they are excellent protection while driving. An optically correct lens is very strong. Around the outer rim, the manufacturer added a pad to make the contact soft. These steam punked glasses are suitable even for snowboarding and skiing. The comfortable strap is adjustable in length, easy to fit even for a big head.

Evomosa Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Pilot Goggles Retro Motocross Goggle Outdoor Eyewear Sports Glasses for Half Helmet


Brand: Evomosa

Color: Copper Frame Black Lens

Style: Vintage

Frame Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Len Material: Glass


These stylish safety driving goggles even look a bit like aviators. Do you want to be like a real retro pilot? Pay tribute to the first testers. Collect the costume and accessories of even the airship pilot. The steam punk goggles perfectly protect from dust and wind and gently fit to the face. The strap is adjustable so that the steam punk goggles sit firmly on the face and comfortably protect it from external factors. You can use these glasses in winter and summer with your steampunk wear. They are made of high-quality materials that are not afraid of temperature changes. Ride a motorcycle, jump from a parachute, snowboard, and ski. These steampunk welding goggles can do anything to protect you.


MISLD Steampunk Cosplay Goggles –Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Pilot Style Cruiser Scooter Goggle Gothic Cosplay Outdoor, Halloween, Easter, Metal+PU, B


Increased size, beautiful rich color, and only high-quality materials. It’s all about safety glasses from this manufacturer. Azure blue lenses, brilliant design for which many people absolutely love this model. Wear the glasses on your head or as an accessory in your hands or on your belt. The glasses are made of durable metal, so don’t be afraid if they fall. Any adventure you can do now. Adjust the head strap and put on the glasses, now you look just cool and are a real steampunk fan. The glasses are suitable for men and women, for teenagers. Wear them outside or take them to a steampunk party with a light show. Your eyes will remain a little secret behind the dark lenses of these goggles steampunk style, but the appearance at this time will make the biggest fashion effect for others.


In conclusion


We want to say that the selection of glasses is really large. Choose any model for your clothes or even vice versa: first choose glasses, and then choose a good suit. All our glasses are made of durable material with a high-quality finish. If you use the glasses carefully, they will keep their great look for many years. Choose glasses by shape or lens, by material, or simply by a great price. You can buy glasses as an accessory or special protective glasses for riding a motorcycle. We got lots of them. Your retro style will be exactly like in the old era. Combine props to achieve the most accurate historical effect possible. Choose glasses for yourself or as a gift. They can surprise anyone.


You can also choose sunglasses in style steampunk.


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