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Dear friend, there are two types of people in this world: some of them wear steampunk watches, others don’t. 



Improve your outfit with a unique steampunk watch!


Steampunk ArtNowadays, steampunk art has a rich impact on culture and its development. Music, movies, fashion clothing – everything changes over time, as does the steampunk style itself along them.

In the women’s wardrobe, there are so many ways to diversify the appearance and wardrobe. This can be a variety of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Steampunk outfits could be some corsets or gothic skirts, these are also set a great style. You can look in the direction of Victorian jewelry, for example, necklaces, lace bracelets. All this can not be compared with a stunning steampunk watch. You can decorate your clothes with various metal gears or rivets. This feature is suitable for both men and women. An individual approach to improving clothing causes a strong shock and surprise. The right balance of accessories and model details causes the right reaction and makes the appearance looking very attractive, vintage in the steampunk style.


Steampunk Art

In the men’s wardrobe, there are much fewer accessories. First of all, it could be just a steampunk men watch or a pocket watch with a chain. These could be skeleton pocket watch, wind up pocket watch or quartz pocket watch. Give yourself a lookout for the neo-Victorian atmosphere with such a beautiful watch. Keep tracking the time with style. Feel the power of the past, present, and future – all in one.

We have collected the best models of steampunk mechanic watches, quartz pocket watches, and others, that are perfect for your steampunk outfit. This accessory can be divided into two main categories: wrist steampunk watches and pocket steampunk watches. It is important to note the peculiarity that mechanical watches are more fragile than quartz ones. When choosing a mechanical version, make sure that it is a Japanese or Swiss movement. They are the most reliable on the market. Pay attention to the warranty from the store.


A steampunk wristwatch is more than just an item that shows the time. This is an elegant accessory, it shows your personality, very much affects the appearance and style of your outfit. If you still haven’t found the right watch for your outfit, we will help you and tell you about useful details and historical facts that may affect your final choice.


If we talk about steampunk quartz watches, then you need to look among the Tesla watches. The ThinkGeek’s Steampunk-Styled model is one of the most sought-after and popular. This is a great men’s accessory. Even Jules Verne would be delighted with such a gift!

Did you know that Rolex watches work high in the sky and even in the far depths underwater? In 1953, the Edmund Hillary expedition reached the top of Mount Everest. Each participant wore a Rolex wristwatch. Despite the humidity and the temperature drop, the watch did not lose a second. In 1960, an American submarine with explorers sank to a depth of 35,798 feet below sea level. As an experiment, the Rolex watch was attached to the outside of the boat, and even at such a great depth, it continued to work steadily and accurately showed the time.

Some people prefer smartwatches. In our genre, they may not be so good, because steampunk man watches are primarily used for the design. For example, there is a very elegant beautiful steampunk pocket watch with a chain or mens steampunk wristwatch. You may even get the feeling that you are a steam locomotive conductor if you bought such a watch. In any case, there are good models of both mechanical and quartz pocket watches.


When choosing a steampunk watch, you need to choose which numerals will be on the dial: Roman or Arabic.

Steampunk Art

What is the difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch? What are their features? The quartz watch runs on batteries. It uses an electronic quartz oscillator that controls time. Mechanical watches use gears and springs. They work together and thus produce the energy for the clock to work. Mechanical watches have 2 types of clock winding: automatic and manual. In the case of the automatic type, the energy there is obtained from the movement of the hand while walking. The manual mechanism needs to be powered by winding the crown every 24-48 hours. If you are a fan of all mechanical things, then mechanical steampunk watches suit you more, that way you can observe all mechanical processes inside.

Quartz watches are cheaper and stronger than mechanical watches. As for accuracy, quartz watches also benefit from this parameter. Mechanical watches can lag by a second a day, even if it is some popular brand, like Philippe Patek, Rolex, Seiko, and others. Every 5 years, it is better to show a mechanical watch to a master, so that he checks the work of the gears and springs. Quartz watches need to replace the battery every 2 years.

Why does a quartz watch tell the time more accurately? Quartz is a natural stone, it has electromagnetic properties inside. Every second, it emits pulses of current, which help to accurately determine and save the countdown.

Steampunk Art

Interesting feature: Why the number 4 on the watch could be written as IIII instead of IV? Here we need to examine in more detail the additive principle of the Roman system of calculus: 1 = I, 2 = II, 3 = III, 4 = IIII, 5 = V, 9 = VIIII, and so on. This principle is called the subtraction principle (4 = IV, 9 = IX). It appeared during the Imperial period. Both systems were actively used in ancient times and replaced each other. Only in the XV century, the system of subtraction became widespread, but this does not apply to the dial. Aesthetics also plays an important role here. The use of the numeral IIII divides the dial into three groups of 4 digits: Group I (I, II, III, III, IIII), Group V (V, VI, VII, VIII), and Group X (IX, X, XI, XII). And if you look from the point of view of symmetry, it also brings a certain balance to the overall appearance of the dial.

Here you can take a look at some of our best models like an automatic pocket watch, male steampunk wristwatch, amazing pocket watch with gears, womens steampunk watch, gothic pocket watch, and more others. We always have a steampunk watch for sale, so even a steampunk fashion woman could find something attractive here. In the store, you can find excellent steampunk accessories for all ages, for men and women. Find your steampunk goggles. You can make a great stylish gift for a true fan of the steampunk style.


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