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Goggles in steampunk style. From the beginning of history to the present


Steampunk goggles are a must-have attribute among fans of steampunk art. Your style can match the Victorian fashion lover, or you can dress up as a crazy steampunk scientist, or you can even make an outfit in the style of an airship pilot. Each type needs a pair of steampunk goggle, do you think so too? Have you ever imagined what goggles were supposed to look like at the time of the industrial revolution of the classic steampunk era? What materials were used for producing them? And what ideas inspired the first engineers and inventors? We’ll find out about it now.

What happened to glasses in the Victorian era? In fact, at that time, around the 1840s, there was a railway mania. Mass production of goggles of that time began. These goggles were needed by workers on the railway to protect their eyes from dust, soot, and dirt. By the way, an interesting fact is that not only the employees of the locomotive wore goggles. At that time, no glass was installed in passenger cars, so the passengers themselves also had to wear goggles for protection. Well, the fact that the third-class cars did not have a roof should definitely put you in your place. Inside the cars constantly got dust, sand, soot, ash from the locomotive pipe because of the burned coal.

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Over time, all steampunk art accessories have changed their appearance. Pendants and earrings took on a more interesting shape and size, watches got a transparent case and external tubes for an amazing effect, and steam punked goggles changed shape, material, color, and size. It’s amazing how the slightest change in history affects steampunk fashion.

steampunk goggles
These are cinder goggles from the 19th century!


Such safety goggles had a rope to put on, but often they were replaced with an elastic band so that the goggles fit snugly to the face and the slightest dust particles did not get into the eyes. Already at that time, fashion began to dictate its laws. The lenses of the safety goggles were of different colors: white, green, blue, dark, smoky, and others. Therefore, when you prefer to buy and wear goggles with colored lenses, you are exactly in line with the style of that time.


steampunk motorcycle gogglesDo you remember the movie “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”? In this film, Sherlock and Dr. Watson were driving in a car and they were wearing driving goggles. Was such behavior normal at the time? The main action of this film is set in 1891. In those years, almost no one wore steam punk goggles while driving a car. Moreover, the ladies of that time believed that wearing goggles was a sign of bad taste and a complete lack of taste and fashion of that time. And if you remember how fast the old cars were moving, the answer comes to mind by itself. Cars could only reach the speed of about 9-12 miles per hour. Drivers began to wear goggles only at the beginning of the 20th century, as it was the time when cars began to get more powerful engines and could develop a higher speed. By the way, steampunk motorcycle goggles showed up at that moment too.


Vintage Aviator Goggles
Vintage Aviator Goggles

We looked at the use of steampunk binoculars on the ground, but what about pilots in the air? After the invention of the airplane in 1903, it became necessary for to steampunk wear safety goggles. At the same time, aviator goggles were introduced for the first time. One of the first test pilots from the United States, Rudolph William, on February 27, 1920, flew high into the sky in a Packard-LePère LUSAC 11 aircraft to an altitude of approximately 33,114 feet. He ran out of air in the tank. The pilot raised his steampunk pilot goggles to replace the oxygen tank. A low temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit and a cold stream of air almost immediately froze his eyeballs. The pilot lost consciousness and could not control the plane. The plane descended, then Rudolph recovered, as there was enough oxygen at a lower altitude, and the air was not so cold. He managed to land the plane safely, although he was almost completely blind.


Vintage Motorcycle Goggles
Vintage Motorcycle Goggles


Back in the 19th century, the use of safety goggles mainly concerned employees of steam locomotives and railway workers. Motorcyclists, car drivers, pilots – the use of goggles came to them a little later. Although the use of protective goggles did not come to people immediately, later it produced a fantastic effect. Protection and amazing look all rolled into one. Who would have thought that after so much time, the fashion for steampunk will still win young hearts? This era is truly magnificent and deserves respect and attention.




steampunk motorcycle goggles


If we talk about the development of the steampunk style of for example leather steampunk goggles, then gradually their design changed, different materials were used. For example, goggles were made of copper, leather. They began to produce beautiful lenses and decorate glasses with accessories, such as rivets and spikes, to give them a more amazing look.


Engineers in the steampunk world are constantly exposed to steam so they need some steampunk welding goggles, aircraft pilots must protect their eyes from the wind and cold air, and there are also mad scientists who work with dangerous chemicals and can get injured from toxic gases. That’s why the safety steam punk goggles are so firmly entrenched in the steampunk uniform. Not only because there may be danger in the surrounding world, but also because the goggles look very cool!

steampunk welding goggles


You can also protect your eyes and your style along with it. Find a pair of cool goggles that will suit you and surprise your friends. You can even get a victorian steampunk pilot hat goggles or a steampunk monocle! Beautifully designed steam punked sunglasses are sure to diversify your look. Beautiful steampunk goggles can serve as a great gift for any holiday. You can give goggles to a friend or girlfriend, you can give them for father’s Day if your father is a fan of the retro era. This gift will appeal to any collector if you choose the right and high-quality steampunk goggles. Choose them by material, theme, color, shape, and additional features. Only then you will be able to achieve that amazing gift effect that could be just super cool for every steampunk fan. They are completely steampunk accessories that go with any clothing: suit, tailcoat, coat, hat, watch, and much more. If you are a true fan of steampunk art, then goggles will definitely bring a touch of retro-future to your life.